The Metagame: The Games Deck w/ Shut Up & Sit Down!

Created by Colleen M, John S, & Eric Z

The Metagame: The Games Deck w/ Shut Up & Sit Down!
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Yes! It’s a brand new expansion for the card game The Metagame, about games. Now, finally, you can enjoy the ultimate creative indulgence and play a game about games. The Metagame gets even more meta, and board game scientists tell us they’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s off the scale. These are the cards you've been looking for. 100% curated and written by the unhinged* geniuses at Shut Up & Sit Down, the smartest tabletop site there is. Who else could bring you all-new Metagame cards about your favorite videogames, tabletop games, even the most dangerous games?** This is our third expansion for The Metagame, so what better time to get seriously meta? The new expansion includes 40 culture cards and 16 opinion cards. *Final medical diagnosis pending. **Actual danger ratings of different games and sports pending.

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The Games Expansion - "Game Away!"
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The Metagame base game
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The Metagame: Film 101 Expansion
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The Metagame: Sci Fi Expansion
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